IHS International Symposium Exhibits Coordinator

Job Description

The International Horn Society values the important role that horn-related businesses have in the fields of horn playing, teaching, and technology, as well as the business of making music and promoting it in our culture.  The creation of this position acknowledges and supports the desirable presence of these businesses at workshops and symposia sponsored by the International Horn Society, for the sake of its members, the symposium participants, and the businesses themselves.

The IHS Symposium Exhibits Coordinator (SEC) serves as a liaison between symposium exhibitors, potential advertisers, the symposium host, and the IHS Advisory Council (AC). The Coordinator is appointed by the IHS AC. Though reviewed annually, it is expected that the Coordinator will normally remain in the position long enough to build up useful knowledge, experience, and expertise.  

The Coordinator works closely with the International Symposium Coordinator and IHS Advertising Agent to facilitate the presence of exhibitors at international workshops/symposia. The Coordinator reports directly to the Advisory Council, providing annual reports on past and upcoming events, and may make recommendations regarding policies and procedures that affect the presence of exhibitors at these events. The Coordinator should also communicate with the IHS Advertising Agent regarding potential exhibitors.

In addition to these duties, the SEC oversees advertising in the program booklet for symposiums, insuring that potential advertisers are contacted, supplied with information needed to advertise, and that deadlines are met for submitting materials. The SEC should also encourage and secure local businesses that are close to the venue to advertise in the program book. The SEC will be compensated at the same 10% rate as other program book ads from exhibitors. Only program ads that the SEC has secured for the host (rather than ads secured by the host) will be compensated at the 10% rate. 

The ideal candidate for this position possesses excellent written, verbal, organizational, and interpersonal skills, with capabilities to pay high attention to detail, and work well under pressure. 

In general, the Coordinator coordinates the recruitment and application of new and returning exhibitors, including following up with past exhibitors to ensure a high rate of return, and maintaining an up-to-date exhibitor database.  

The Coordinator works closely with symposia hosts to ensure that potential exhibitors are contacted and their needs are met to the extent possible.   

The Coordinator also works closely with exhibitors to ensure that the host venue will be amenable to their needs, and that the promised amenities are insured, for example, wi-fi, locked doors, etc.

The Coordinator will be compensated in this manner:

travel expenses (from home), lodging, meals (including banquet), full registration and 10% of exhibitor fee and program book advertising revenue. Expense reimbursement and commission should be paid within 90 days of the end of the Symposium. 

The IHS SEC will work with the host, exhibitors, and IHS to ascertain the following:

With the Host:

  • Ensure the host and symposium staff create a daily schedule that includes free time for participants to visit exhibits.
  • Ensure that Exhibitors follow all rules and regulations provided (people bringing their own tables. Signage being displayed inappropriately, etc.)
  • Ensure the host will provide staff assistance to IHS SEC in advance (e.g., clearing rooms, setting up tables) and at beginning/end of event (loading in/out of exhibits).
  • Ensure the hours exhibits will be open (including strictly enforced closing times, e.g., for meals) are advertised in program and signage.
  • Ensure there is proper security of exhibits (who will have access, etc.).
  • Determine the best possible placement of exhibits with regards to the venue/s, giving special attention to exhibitors’ needs as far as proximity to other exhibitors. Determine the size of exhibit spaces, overall and individual, as well as spaces for instrument trials
  • Determine the cost of exhibit space, including tables, chairs, etc. at reasonable prices.
  • Confirm the number of exhibitors—Exhibitors will submit registration forms through the IHS SEC, including all request forms. IHS SEC will process and submit forms to the host, and handle room placement, in collaboration with host’s facilities coordinator and then cc the confirmation email with all the information to the Executive Director.
  • $1000.00 will be budgeted annually to use for attending major musical events, ex. Midwest, TBA, TMEA, etc. to network and secure more possible exhibitors for IHS symposia. The SEC must apply for this money each year, making the case for the value of this expenditure, so that the Advisory Council can decide whether the expense will be a worthwhile investment for the IHS.
  • Determine ad deadlines, costs, and exact materials needed to be submitted to graphic artists for the program booklets. Also, the SEC will send reminders for the deadlines, take in the camera ready ads and send them to the program book graphic artist, along with any placement requests from the advertisers.

With the Exhibitors:

  • Communicate with exhibitors as event approaches with logistical information and updates, e.g., registration numbers, program information such as names of guests and musical repertoire, distribution of parking passes, expediting exhibitor registration, making carts available, providing loading maps and dock schedules, communication regarding sizes of tables, outlet availability, internet/cell phone access, etc.
  • Communicate shipping and customs logistics, including mailing addresses, resources for calculating tariffs, etc.

With BOTH:

  • Communicate with host and exhibitors regarding mutual links between symposium and exhibitor websites in advance of the event, as well as sending brochures (including electronically) to businesses for display.
  • Establishing fair access/participation rights and procedures for exhibitor staff—IHS SEC should coordinate and communicate exhibitor registrations and any special requirements (hotel reservations, parking permits, banquet tickets, meal tickets, housing arrangements, and so forth).  Although the exhibitors will come with plans to make a profit, the fee structure and space logistics should encourage as many exhibitors as possible to attend.  The impact of the exhibits on the Symposium far outweighs any extra fees that could be assessed.
  • Be available during the event as a primary resource/liaison between exhibitors and the host.
  • Arrive early enough to assist in arrival of exhibitors, look for packages, check facilities and preparations, meet with Advisory Council.

With IHS:

  • Work with host to schedule and organize a brief reception for Advisory Council and exhibitors.
  • Ensure there is an IHS display space, three tables provided in a well-traveled area.  The Executive Director of the IHS will normally transact IHS business from this informal "office" during the week.
  • All of the contact information and notes from the SEC’s experience and their knowledge of the exhibitor and advertiser contacts remain the property of the IHS, so any new SEC appointee will have access to the information from previous SECs.
  • Submit an annual report to the IHS Advisory Council for its annual meetings.
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