by John Lynsdale-Nock

john l-nThe founding idea of Corniworld Publications was always about having great arrangements of horn music written by horn players in order to best show the versatility and capabilities of the instrument. The recent pandemic and lockdown restrictions around the world have meant that horn players have found themselves, like many others, in isolation and in need of musical projects to focus the mind.
Almost as soon as lockdowns were announced, it was great to see how musicians from around the globe were finding new ways to keep playing with the use of various apps and home recording equipment, producing music either as solo projects or with others. The internet has allowed musicians to collaborate, not just with colleagues, but with players from around the world. It has been incredible to see musicians adapt to this most unprecedented situation. With this in mind, I decided I wanted to contribute in some way within my musical field - the horn community. With just short of 250 horn arrangements in the catalogue I could have sinply advertised the Corniworld Publications website. Instead I decided to use the extra time I found myself with to produce some new horn quartet arrangements. With so many people facing employment difficulties, it seemed only right to offer these for free. Each day after supervising my two children's home schooling, completing my own online teaching timetable and horn practice, I would set up my laptop on the dining table to indulge in my first love: arranging music for horns. It gave me a focus for each day and a great sense of accomplishment when each arrangement came to fruition. This has led to me completing 6 quartets. Once each arrangement was completed I would upload to the website and advertise the piece via social media. All I have asked is that people would post their performances so I could share via my social media platforms. All can be found at I have been fortunate to have had Corniworld Publications music performed around the world, but this is the first time I have been able collect recordings.The growing collection can be seen both on the Corniworld Publications website and Facebook page. The initial idea has now gone a stage further as I'm now collaborating with a "lockdown" horn group from the USA - "The Unofficial, Unnamed Online French Horn Project" organised by Evan James (EJ Young Music - Youtube Channel). They have come together from across the US to perform and record horn ensemble music. They have very kindly agreed to record pieces from the Corniworld catalogue and we are also producing new arrangements, the latest being "Here Comes The Sun" by G Harrison for 8 horns.

John Lynsdale-Nock started playing the horn aged 12 and has been working as a freelance horn player and horn/brass teacher for over 25 years. He started arranging music whilst at school to broaden the repertoire of his brass quintet. His arranging skills continued to develop with works for various brass and horn ensembles. His pieces have been commissioned by The British Horn Society, Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra horn section, Cyprus Symphony Orchestra Brass section, London Symphony Orchestra horn section, the LSO Discovery (education department) and most recently "The Unofficial, Unnamed Online French Horn Project", a group of American horn players who have come together during the Covid-19 lockdown to perform horn ensemble works.
His works have been performed at horn festivals around the world including Montreal Horn Days and The British Horn Society festivals.

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