centria brownI began studying the horn at the age of 11 in North Carolina. I first fell in love with the sound of the horn by watching film music. It was without a doubt I wanted to play the horn when I joined band in the 6th grade. I studied Music Education at Wingate University in North Carolina and was encouraged to continue my Master’s in Performance. I fell in love with the Louisiana Culture and sense of family and decided to attend Louisiana State University. I moved here for my Master’s and just finished my Doctorate! Since living in Louisiana, I have learned about myself and grown as a person. I have a deeper passion for performing chamber music, Alexander Technique, and teaching.

Louisiana has a very unique and rich culture. The state of Louisiana has been through a lot but always pulls together and works together to grow. This is the same in the horn community as well. Horn players in Louisiana stay connected from New Orleans to Monroe and from Lake Charles to Baton Rouge. Music in Louisiana is as diverse as the people who live here. Whether you are interested in Classical, Jazz, Folk, or New Music it can be found in Louisiana. We are very fortunate to have high quality performers, teachers, and professors throughout the state! I am grateful for all Louisiana has brought me and I am glad to be the IHS Area Representative for Louisiana!

Dr. Centria Brown is the current adjunct horn instructor at Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, LA. Alongside teaching at Louisiana Tech, she has her own private horn studio in Baton Rouge, LA and performs throughout the state of Louisiana. Dr. Brown has performed with the Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra, Acadiana Symphony Orchestra, Jefferson Parish Arts Center, Opera Louisane, Louisiana Sinfonietta, Monroe Symphony, and the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra.

Dr. Brown is a huge advocate of chamber music. She was a part of the winning Woodwind Quintet, West Chimes Winds, in the 2016 NOLA ChamberFest. Dr. Brown is also a founding member of a Baton Rouge horn quartet, Allumer Quartet, whose mission is to add new music to the horn quartet repertoire.

Alongside teaching and performing, Dr. Brown is an aspiring Alexander Technique teacher. In her second year of her Master’s degree she fell in love with Alexander Technique and began to study privately as a trainee under Patricia O’Neill in Baton Rouge, LA. Dr. Brown was able to assist Mrs. O’Neill at Louisiana State University and in the community. Dr. Brown was able to work on her own Use in her day to day activities and horn playing. This led to the inspiration of her Dissertation, ‘The use of the Alexander Technique as a practice tool for horn performance’.

Dr. Brown recently completed her Doctor of Musical Arts from Louisiana State University under the direction of Seth Orgel. She completed her Master’s degree from Louisiana State University in horn performance and her Bachelor of Music Education at Wingate University in North Carolina under the guidance of Dr. Christopher Griffin. Dr. Brown is grateful for the support of her family who have been a constant inspiration throughout her musical career.

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