cbmckinneyby Caiti Beth McKinney

Hello everyone! My name is Caiti Beth McKinney, and it is my honor to share a new resource with you all—REPresent: Repertoire for Horn by Underrepresented Composers. Focused entirely on showcasing works by historically underrepresented composers such as women and people of color, this catalogue includes solo works in addition to chamber music for brass and wind quintets, violin trios, horn ensembles, and everything in between. There are hundreds of pieces of wonderful music you may or may not have heard before, with links to composers’ websites, recordings, and places to purchase (where available).

My passion for promoting diverse musical voices began as a slow burn. In the 2017-2018 school year, I was planning my first required doctoral recital when I realized I had never performed a piece of music for solo horn composed by a woman. Instead, my undergraduate and master’s recitals had been filled with standard works (the Strauss concertos, etc.). I began researching online and stumbled upon Lin Foulk Baird’s website of Works for Horn by Female Composers, which is an incredible resource! However, I came to the realization that, at the time, there was nowhere to easily find pieces by diverse composers, so I decided to begin my own project, purely for my own reference.

I began a spreadsheet to keep track of all the pieces I was coming across, including information such as the length of the work, instrumentation, links to recordings and vendors, and any other details I thought were important. To find new (to me) compositions, I used a mix of formal and informal resources; for example, I would scroll through Spotify playlists such as “1200 Years of Woman Composers,” looking up every name and checking for compositions that included the horn. I also scoured print anthologies in my school’s library and searched name-by-name in websites such as the American Composers Alliance.

As the file grew and I shared it with studio-mates and other colleagues, word began to spread. I began receiving requests for help programming recitals from complete strangers looking to expand their repertoire, and a very dear friend of mine informed me that it was absolutely time to publish my work online; so, in 2021, REPresent: Repertoire for Horn by Underrepresented Composers was born.

I continue to update the catalogue as I learn of more composers and pieces of music and am always looking for leads and suggestions. If any readers know of any works I have missed, please feel free to reach out through the CONTACT link on my website. My work is not meant to be a destination; I hope that this tool will serve only as a starting point for performers, educators, and listeners who are interested in uplifting musical voices who deserve to be heard.

Dr. McKinney resides in South Florida where she regularly performs anything from symphonic works to jazz to new music. She is a sought-after teacher in the area as well.

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