ivan the inspector

Hello! I’m Garrett Krohn, a horn player, husband, and father, but to many children in the community, I’m recognized as Ivan the Inspector! In January of this year, my good friend Chris approached me about starting a kids YouTube channel. With his two young children, he has watched many kids shows and he noticed a few things: there are very few live-action kids shows, the ones that currently exist are not always well-produced, and they often have a main character that is generally annoying to the parents. After several weeks of brainstorming and workshopping a character, Ivan the Inspector was created. We are a wholesome, educational children’s program with a new episode posted on YouTube every Friday. We currently have 12 episodes with over 200 subscribers and over 6000 channel views. If you have a child under 8—or if you want to learn fun things yourself—please check it out!

Chris and I make a great team putting together these videos. He handles all the videography and video editing, while I take care of the music and the acting. Most people think that a trumpet is used in our theme song, but if you listen closely, it’s actually a horn! I recorded it on my old Alexander 107V descant horn, all on the high F side, with a Maslet mute. Learning a skill (like the work put into playing the horn), has helped me productively contribute to our channel. Taking in objective feedback, constantly self-assessing, and trying to make the next video even 1% better has helped our channel grow.

Follow Ivan on Facebook, and join Ivan on YouTube this Friday for a fun new adventure!

ivan ice fishingDr. Krohn is a Twin Cities-area freelance hornist and jazz bassist.

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