The 2020 International Horn Society Composition Contest

  1. The Featured Composition Division: Compositions in this division are works of moderate difficulty. “In the featured DIVISION, the horn part should be playable by the entire spectrum of Hornists within the International Horn Society:  Students, Amateurs, and Professionals.  It should have musical content that would have the integrity to honor the professional hornists—yet within the pitch and technical range of the panorama of student and amateur players.
  2. The Virtuoso Composition Division: Compositions in this division have no difficulty limitation and are from one of the following instrumentation categories.



  • Compositions for Horn Ensemble (two or more players, all horns) 


  • Solo Horn featured with large ensemble. (The large ensemble may include any group of electronic, acoustic instruments and/or voices.)
  • Horn with chamber ensemble of three or more performers (one horn part only)  (The chamber ensemble may include any combination of electronic instruments, acoustic instruments and/or voices.)
  • Compositions for solo horn and keyboard instrument. (Keyboard instruments may include piano, harpsichord, organ, electronic keyboard, or mallet percussion.)
  • Compositions for Solo Horn (alone/unaccompanied)
  • Compositions for Solo Horn with Vocal Ensemble

(The instrumentation for the divisions will rotate in future contests.)

  1. Application Rules
    • Scores must be in PDF Format. The composer’s personal name must be removed from the score.
    • MP3 recordings of the composition. Personal information (such as embedded composer’s name) should be removed from the file. Maximum size is 30MB.
    • A brief description of the work in MS-Word.doc format
    • Use the on-line application, including the name of composition, entered as well as contact information (full name, address, phone number and email address).
    • Composer’s name and address must not appear on the scores, recording file or description file. All works are assigned a number to guarantee anonymity during judging.
    • Entry fee of $25 U.S.D. for each composition must be paid at the time of submission via the Horn Society website.
    • Entries must be received no later than December 1, 2020. Incomplete entries or entries submitted in an incorrect format will not be considered.
    • No more than one composition per division per composer is allowed. Winners of the 2018 Contest are not eligible to enter in that same division.
    • Works submitted must have been composed during the past four years, and any composition that has received support from the International Horn Society Meir Rimon Commissioning Assistance Fund is not eligible.
    • Compositions by officers and Staff members of the International Horn Society are not eligible.
  2. Files will not be returned and will become the property of the International Horn Society. Intellectual rights remain the property of the composer.
  3. The panel of judges may withhold the awards if the works submitted are deemed unqualified to receive such distinction. Judges may assign Honorable Mention status to compositions not selected for a monetary award.
  4. Contestants may expect to receive the results of the contest by February 15, 2021. Results of the contest, including a description of the winning compositions and composers’ biographies will appear in an issue of The Horn Call, the journal of the International Horn Society (circulation of 3,000 members from 55 countries).
  5. The winner of each division will receive a prize of $1250 U.S.D. The winning compositions will be performed, if possible, at an International Horn Society Workshop. The winning composers will have the option of having the work published by the IHS Online Music Sales.
  6. Entrance into this competition constitutes acceptance of Application Rules.

If you have any questions about any of the rules, write for clarification:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Enter the Contest

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