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  1. The International Horn Society (IHS) will, as funds allow, support regional workshops with grants of up to US$200 for a one-day workshop, and up to US$500 for a two- or three-day workshop. Funds are awarded as requests are received, so early application is recommended.
  2. The host must be a member of IHS.
  3. Because funds are limited, the planned workshop must serve an area or region beyond the host’s own institution, and the IHS will support workshops at the same institution or location for only two or three years. The IHS recommends that regional workshops be moved to different locations each year, and that the hosts coordinate with previous hosts or co-hosts to achieve maximum numbers of participants. (Regional Workshops outside the United States may be supported for more than three years in the same location).
  4. The IHS recommends that regional workshops should not be scheduled in close proximity of time or place to the International Horn Workshop/Symposium of the same year.
  5. The host must file an Application for IHS Regional Workshop Assistance with IHS Secretary/Treasurer indicating proposed clinicians and a tentative workshop schedule. If the application is approved, the IHS grant may be payable prior to or at the conclusion of the workshop.
  6. Information and announcements about the workshop should be sent to the IHS News Editor and the IHS Online Webmaster. Please allow ample time for publication.
  7. The IHS must be acknowledged as a co-sponsor in the workshop program.
  8. The workshop host must make a reasonable effort to promote the IHS and International Horn Workshops/Symposia at the regional workshop. IHS brochures and flyers for the upcoming International Horn Workshop/Symposium will be made available to the host upon request. A price differential between registration fees for IHS members and nonmembers is recommended.
  9. Although businesses may participate in the workshop as exhibitors, or advertisers in the workshop program, the support of the regional workshop by the IHS should never imply the IHS’s endorsement of any particular commercial enterprise. The IHS maintains a position of separation for IHS and business enterprises.
  10. Two copies of the workshop program, attendance information, and a final budget summary must be sent to the IHS Regional Workshop Coordinator, one copy for his/her records and one copy to be sent to the IHS Archives at the conclusion of the workshop. Failure to submit this report may jeopardize future IHS funding for the host and/or the event.
  11. In an effort to promote IHS membership, all Regional Workshops are authorized to offer the current “horn club” annual membership rate for onsite registrations. Membership applications and dues collected at the workshop should be forwarded to the IHS Executive Secretary in one submission.

Brent Shires is available to assist regional workshop hosts in the planning of future events. He collects advice, sample materials, and other information from those who have hosted regional workshops, and will send copies upon request. Please send regional workshop materials and requests to him at:

Brent Shires
UCA Music Department
201 Donaghey Avenue
Conway, AR 72035

Or at his e-mail address, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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