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Julie Landsman - The Carmine Caruso Method

j cI first met Carmine Caruso when I was in high school in Ardsley, New York in 1968. He taught  our high school band the basic exercises as warm ups for  our band rehearsals. We had a fantastic, award winning band! I have been practicing and teaching this method ever since.

These exercises, when practiced correctly, help prepare your body to play music with more ease and refinement. Please enjoy these videos, free of charge. This is my way of honoring my great teacher, Carmine Caruso, and his  method, that has enriched  our lives as instrumentalists.


  • Follow all instructions very carefully!
  • If you over do these exercises, you will not be happy with the results!
  • Practice them once a day, and build up your routine over an extended period of time, as you would a work out routine at the gym.
  • Please shorten the routine on days when you have a heavy playing schedule.
  • And most of all, play with abandon and have fun!

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Carmine Caruso Method Exercises