Winner receives a 3 year IHS membership
and a free t-shirt.
Entry Deadline: December 1, 2010
  1. All t-shirt designs must be original designs created by the entrant.
  2. T-shirt designs should have a Horn or Music theme. We encourage, but do not require, the use of the IHS logo and the words “International Horn Society” in multiple languages in the design.
  3. Do not include a date or a location in the design as these shirts will be sold over several years and are not event shirts.
  4. Your design may include from one to four colors, including black (the color of the t-shirt doesn’t count as a color.) We are not limited to white shirts, but the shirt color will be limited by availability from the printer.
  5. The maximum size for designs is 8" by 10" (20.3 cm by 25.5 cm). Designs may be submitted either as electronic files or as original artwork. Designs which are mailed in, should not be folded. If you want your artwork returned you must include a self addressed stamped envelope.
  6. The International Horn Society receives all rights to the winning design, including, but not limited to, complete exclusive ownership of the design, the right to use and display the design in any media and any format, and the right to modify the design as needed to adapt to various printing formats. The creating artist will be consulted before any such changes are finalized to ensure that the original theme and intent is captured accurately. The International Horn Society will not retain rights to designs that do not win the contest.
  7. You may enter more than one t-shirt design, but no more than three.
  8. Deadline: T-shirt designs must be received by the Executive Secretary before December 1, 2010. Entries must include your name, address, phone number and email address (if available). Mail entries to:
         Heidi Vogel, Executive Secretary
         International Horn Society
         PO Box 630158
         Lanai City, HI 96763
  9. The winning entrant will receive a three year IHS membership (in any name) and a free T-shirt.

The judging will be done by the Executive Secretary and a committee from the Advisory Council. The winning designer will be notified by March 1, 2011 and the shirts will be available at the 2011 International Horn Workshop and at future workshops.

Electronic designs submitted by email should have an image size of 216 pixels wide by 264 pixels high (3 inches by 3 2/3 inches at 72 dpi). The winner must submit a final high quality version of up to 8 inches wide by up to 10 inches high at 300 dpi (up to 2700 pixels wide by up to 3300 pixels high) in TIFF file format (RGB with PC Compatible byte ordering) or as vector art in either CorelDraw or Photoshop. Submit emails to: exec-secretary@hornsociety.org

T-shirt printers have indicated that successful t-shirt designs use fresh, clean and clear colors with good contrast, and avoid earth tones and muddy tones. Keep your design simple and stay away from small details that might get lost in the final printed tshirt.

Not all of the canvas space need be used and the outline (shape) of the design need not be rectangular.

For those who are interested in the techniques used to screen-print t-shirts, check out this excellent guide to Screen-Printing.