(revised and approved by IHS Advisory Council, September, 2009)

The positions of Regional Coordinator and Area Representative were created by the IHS to facilitate recruitment of new members and communication among current and potential members in defined areas. Generally, Regional Coordinators have larger service areas and slightly different roles in recruiting and supporting IHS members. Area Representatives serve smaller areas within regions, and are supported by and report to Regional Coordinators.

Area Representatives provide information and resources about the IHS, its activities, and other horn-related events to IHS members and other interested people in their regions. They should be proactive in promoting musical education as it relates to the horn (according to the IHS By-laws). They should aid the IHS by generating enthusiasm and camaraderie among horn players in their regions, with the aim of recruiting new members and retaining existing members.  Area Representatives must maintain their IHS membership and be proactive in informing Regional Coordinators when they change mailing/email addresses.


Suggested activities for Area Representatives to encourage member participation:

Communications from Regional Coordinators:

Once confirmed in the role, Area Representatives should receive from the Coordinator:

Review of Area Representatives:

Regional Coordinators review the Area Representatives' annual reports. If Area Representatives do not meet their responsibilities, the Coordinator can offer suggestions. If problems continue, Area Representatives can be put on notice that they may be asked to step down. If, after being put on notice, the level of effort and activity does not improve, the Coordinator may ask Area Representatives to resign.

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