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Horn and More, the IHS Newsletter, launched in February 2015, is free to anyone, IHS member or not. For members, it complements The Horn Call. For non-members, it is a glimpse into content you can expect in the journal.

Those who subscribe receive monthly issues by email which include regular columns, personal stories, educational content, and horn-related articles and links. Contributions from hornists around the world will be in their language (and will have, in most cases, English translations). Content will include video and audio tracks, announcements for events, and much more. You are also welcome to Email us with your suggestions for topics of interest in your part of the world.

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IHS E-Newsletter September 2015

IHS E-Newsletter September 2015
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Volume 1 Issue 7, September 2015   Facebook

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We're exhausted after an epic symposium in Los Angeles, so this month's newsletter is short and sweet: a video message from Andrew Bain, one of the co-hosts of IHS 47, and thanks from some of those in attendance.

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We are pleased and excited to announce the 2016 International Horn Symposium at Ithaca College in New York, USA, from June 13-18, hosted by Alex Shuhan and the Ithaca College School of Music. The theme is “The Natural Beauty of the Horn” - anyone familiar with the picturesque setting of Ithaca will agree that Mother Nature’s inspiration cannot help but enhance the experience of shared music and friendship. An event not to be missed! Details here: http://www.ithaca.edu/music/ihs2016/


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The IHS website, http://www.hornsociety.org/ has undergone a facelift! The site layout is now fully responsive and iOS friendly, making it much easier to use on mobile devices. The Community Directory has been updated, full functionality has been restored to the Teachers Database and the European Style Surveys have been completely restructured without Flash. We have begun to make back issues of The Horn Call available for IHS members to download.
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