IHS members may vote using either the mail-in ballot enclosed in the February issue of The Horn Call OR by voting on this website (please vote by paper OR electronic ballot - NOT both).

To vote online, you must first log in to your IHS member account. If you need help with that, click the "help" link in the upper right side of this page to send a message to the webmaster. Online voting will begin at midnight GMT, February 1 and end at midnight Hawaii time (GMT -10) on April 15. Please note the following:

  1. Members can change their votes if they make a mistake or change their minds. After placing a vote for a candidate or for an answer to the referendum, a small orange “+1" appears to the left of the answer. To cancel that vote, just click that “+1” to reset that vote, and then choose another option or candidate.
  2. There is no need to click any kind of “finalize” button to have votes registered and counted- the process is complete as soon as a “Thank you for voting" popup appears for each section of the ballot, although changes may still be made by resetting votes as described in 1.

Proposal to Amend the IHS Bylaws

At its annual meeting in August 2013 at the IHS international symposium in Memphis, Tennessee, the IHS Advisory Council passed several proposals to assist hosts in the financial funding of international symposia. One of these proposals requires an amendment to the IHS Bylaws. The proposed amendment change language is presented below, and members are asked to vote FOR or AGAINST this change. Text to be deleted is indicated in strike-through; text to be added is indicated in bold.


Article XII - Horn Workshops
Section 3(B) Neither party shall enter into any financial negotiations or contracts with any commercial organizations for the purpose of defraying part or all the expenses of horn workshop artists. The only exception to this regulation shall be in securing commercial or other support to pay the honorarium and expenses of one small ensemble for each workshop. Featured Artists for the Symposium shall be approved by a Standing Committee. No financial negotiations or contracts for the purpose of defraying expenses of specific workshop Featured Artists shall be made before Committee approval. Financial support for artists, ensembles, and venues may be secured from outside sources as allowed by the Symposium Guidelines in place at the time the symposium is selected.

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Advisory Council Election

As you review the nominees listed below, consider the duties and responsibilities of the position. The Advisory Council (AC) is responsible for carrying out the aims and purposes of the Society, determines the policies and budget allocations for IHS programs, and elects additional AC members. AC members work via email, phone, and fax throughout the year and attend annual meetings at the international workshop.

The following individuals (listed alphabetically) have been nominated to serve a term on the IHS Advisory Council beginning after the 2014 international symposium. Vote for up to three nominees on the postcard found in the February issue of The Horn Call or on this page by electronic ballot. Votes submitted by any other means, including email, will not be accepted. Ballots (either card or electronic) must be received by April 15, 2014. Click on each name for a short biography.

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