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The 2020 International Horn Quartet Competition

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Aug 28, 2020 - Aug 30, 2020
University of Nebraska-Lincoln


The International Horn Quartet Competition was founded and incorporated to promote excellence in horn quartet performance. Part of its mission is to champion the performance of new works for horn quartet as well as showcase the standard repertoire. This competition is committed to upholding the highest standards of musical artistry.

There are two separate performance divisions of the IHQC, both of which provide the opportunity to put together a “dream team” quartet:

The University Division is designed for hornists who are full-time students at any officially recognized university. Members can be students within the same university horn studio or they can “mix and match” with students from other horn studios. Each member of the quartet must be a full-time student and the average age of the quartet cannot exceed 26 years at the time of the competition.

The Open Division is exactly that. The hornists in this division can be any combination of professional, student, amateur, and/or enthusiast to create the ideal quartet. There are no restrictions of age or affiliation.

The International Horn Quartet Competition is held biennially in even-numbered years. The competition usually occurs in late summer near Labor Day.

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