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Italian Brass Week - A Cosmic Breath: a Virtual Festival with Real Musicians

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Jul 19, 2020 2:00 am - Jul 26, 2020 3:00 pm


For this 21st edition of the Italian Brass Week, although bound by the restrictions for the Covid-19 emergency, we have decided to carry on our mission, using tools and formulas that allow us to donate music, training, emotions and sharing to all those who will join us through our social channels at no cost to participate. A virtual festival but with real musicians.

Young interpreters, teachers, international soloists have given life, every year, to a capillary work, full of energy, leading us to live unforgettable experiences in our magnificent city, the cradle of the Renaissance and the fulcrum of contemporaneity. It is precisely in this perfect union of past and present that we launch into rebirth, the will to be reborn, continuing to open up to the world through the Zoom and Skype platforms and the direct social networks on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube.

Every day, with a detailed calendar of appointments, over 70 of the best Brass musicians on our planet will connect from their home, from their living room, from their study, from their garden. Every corner of the world will speak Italian Brass Week; each of the 70 world stars will open their home to let out that vital breath, that 'Cosmic Breath' that will reach thousands, millions of young people and music lovers. We launch from the control room Florence a very strong and new sign of the resumption of musical life.

Like any previous edition of the Festival, the days of the week will be marked by the Masterclasses. This year they will be open to all, with no limit on the number of participants, and free of charge, just a good connection and a smartphone, iPhone, iPad, PC.

For each day we will have 8 teachers - teachers, orchestra professors and international soloists - who, in the time slot 8.30-12.30 and 15.30-18.30 (Florence time, UTC +2) - will give their lessons to the world of Brass and to all fans, will educate the generations to Beauty, with a mode, so far unusual, but necessary, capable of keeping us united despite the planetary health emergency.

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