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Daily routine

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Daily routine was created by IHS Online Manager
Q: What is your daily warmup and practice session like? What about when
you were in school?

Frank Lloyd answers:

My daily warmup session normally consists of F-Horn flexibilities, scales and some long notes. Flexibilities, to get the chops flexible and responsive, scales to get the fingers and co-ordination going, and long notes, together with intervals, to get some dynamic contrast and control.

That said, my warmups do differ depending if I need to get back in shape after a time off playing, or whether I'm just doing some 'maintenance' work, or whether I am working on specific pieces - which I will tend to concentrate on after doing the warmup session above.

I started the horn when I was a young man at the Royal Marines School of Music - I remember regularly walking the 2 miles into the school of music in the evenings to practice - and was always there in the mornings a good hour before anyone else! I once practiced so much on a new instrument that I couldn't play for another two days after my lips swelled up from over playing! A warning to all - be sure you always take plenty of breaks in any practice session!
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