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How does one become the best that they can?

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How does one become the best that they can? was created by IHS Online Manager
Question: How does one become the best horn player that they can?

Answer: To practise as efficiently as one can!

In order to learn, and remember the most important elements involved in playing the horn, one needs to practise to refine the following: breathing technique, articulation, accuracy, intonation, (dynamic) control, co-ordination, range and flexibility. As the process of memorising these involves repetition, it is absolutely imperative that the player remains alert and concentrated during practise sessions (which should not be longer than about 45 mins (before a break)) in order not to lapse into unconcentrated (unfocussed), and aimless playing. All these elements need to become a daily part of your 'learning good habits' practise session, which will eventually become a natural and integral part of your overall playing technique.
The most important 'key' element of the above would undoubtedly be 'breathing technique' - as many of the other elements will not be achievable without it!

The teacher can help by recognising the needs of the individual and guiding, through carefully chosen repertoire - etudes and studies the best way forward for that individual.

Frank Lloyd
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