Stuck T1 slide

29 Jul 2019 14:49 #1794 by Pete Burkindine
Stuck T1 slide was created by Pete Burkindine

I am trying to restore a horn to playing condition. It has a stuck first valve slide, Bb side. I have been hitting it with heat and WD-40 daily for about a week with no progress. I'm wondering if folks can give me other advise on getting this sucker loose. I pull by running a polishing cloth through the crook and jiggling, pulling hard as I can.

The horn does not have enough value left to consider sending it off for repair; I need a DIY at-home solution.

- Pete

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25 Ago 2019 18:15 #1796 by Anne Maliborski
Replied by Anne Maliborski on topic Stuck T1 slide
I am not a repair person, so I might not have all the fancy tools that may be out there. But I have un-stuck many slides since I buy and sell horns. I have a rawhide mallet that I use to tap on the slide ferrule after heating up the slide with a blow dryer for a long while. I use a cloth to yank the slide out, the same way you have been doing. Sometimes I also try to push the slide IN a bit !!! ( as wrong as this may seem!) Sometimes it's just a matter of loosening the crusty stuff on the inside of the slide, and pushing it in will loosen it just like pulling it out will do. Also, I never used WD-40. My husband has some penetrating oil in an orange labeled can. (He is a good mechanic) I've tried this oil and it doesn't seem to do much of anything, just like the WD 40. Heat, tapping, and lots of pushing in or pulling.

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