Good 4th horn parts

05 Ene 2020 19:08 #1804 by Stew King
Good 4th horn parts was created by Stew King
As an amateur low horn player (4th, trained as tubist), i find that my orchestra music director usually schedules works that only call for 1&2 horns. This coming up concert, out of the 4 works, only 1 has a 4th horn part. Since i don't get paid, i do care about how much i get to play.

So i'm asking if anyone can suggest some standard-ish orchestral works (we won't do opera unless it's an overture, nor can we find 8 horns) that have killer 4th horn parts, or at least are heavy with 4th horn notes; i'd love to pass them on to the music director.

Thanks in advance,

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15 Ene 2020 17:58 #1805 by Tyrell Loster Peitzsche
Replied by Tyrell Loster Peitzsche on topic Good 4th horn parts
Symphonic Dances by Greig has a great 4th horn part.

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