IHS42 proudly announces the IHS42 solo competition.


First prize: Atkinson Erfurt Model #NR501
Second prize: Reimbursement of IHS42 registration fee
Third prize: 1 ticket to each the banquet lunch and final gala concert (or reimbursement if already purchased)

Rules, regulations and requirements:

  • Age limit of 30
  • No professionals
  • No 2010 IHS competition & scholarship winners / finalists
  • Contestants have to be registered for the full week
  • One copy of the score for each work has to be provided to the panel
  • The contestants have to be available at the location and time of the contest as listed in the symposium program and posted in the symposium registration area
  • Any contestant that does not meet the above specified requirements will be disqualified from the competition
  • The panel reserves the right to not award any of the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place prizes.

Rounds and repertoire:

The competition will be held in two stages:

  1. Preliminary round: Tuesday, July 20, 2 – 5pm, Ian Hanger Recital Hall
    Program: up to 20 minutes, own choice
  2. Final round: Friday, July 23, 2:30 – 3:30pm, Conservatorium Theatre
  3. Program: up to 30 minutes, own choice

The panel may choose to only hear part of the proposed program, and the contestant may be interrupted at any time during the competition. Programs containing one single, extended work are allowed. Only solo, or solo with piano works are allowed.

Application requirements:

  • Applications must be submitted to Armin Terzer (admin1@ihs42brisbane.com), using the IHS42 Solo competition Application form (link below), or via an email containing all the information as outlined in the application form.
  • Applications will close as soon as the maximum number of entrants is reached.


The judges for the competition will be appointed by the administrative council of the 42nd IHS symposium.

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