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German-speaking horn players

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23 Feb 2008 04:28 #40 by akttntdt
German-speaking horn players was created by akttntdt
Hello everyone,

I am traveling to Germany this summer to study German at the Katholisches Universitaat, Eichstaett. Because of schedule issues, I could not take German this semester. I need to begin speaking/writing more so that it will be easier when I get over there. It is hard to do it by myself. Are there any German-speaking horn players who would be willing to write back and forth with me?

Musically yours,

Abby Kattentidt
Memphis, TN

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25 Feb 2008 04:33 - 28 Feb 2008 07:20 #48 by Martin Künkler
Replied by Martin Künkler on topic Re:German-speaking horn players
Welcome to Germany!

Herzlich willkommen in Deutschland!

Falls Du Hilfe in Deutsch brauchst, helfe ich Dir gerne, soweit ich kann, denn mein Englisch ist nicht das Allerbeste. Aber wir können es ja versuchen.

If You need Help in German, I gladly will help You, as good as possible, 'cos my Englisch is not the Best. But we can try it.

Herzliche Grüße,


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29 Feb 2008 11:03 #58 by akttntdt
Replied by akttntdt on topic Re:German-speaking horn players

Danke für mir schreiben! Ich werde Ihnen bald zurück schrieben. Ich hatte eine sehr beschäftigte Woche. Schönes Wochenende


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