Milan Vach was a forester and played the hunting horn. He was important in the Stich-Punto Society in the Czech Republic and mayor of Plzen in 1968. He organized a Stich-Punto Festival at Punto’s birth place Zehusice, near Zaslav, the court of his benefactor, Count Thun.

Vach served as a veterinarian at a slaughter house in Plzen and as a lay judge on the court. He was not involved in any politics and was highly respected, so the political changes did not affect him.

Vach co-edited (with Jan Trojan) a book, The Horn in the past and present of Czech music, published in Prague in 1983, available in Czech, German, and English. It is the proceedings of the Musicological conference in memory of 300 years of the horn in Bohemia, held in Brno, Czech Republic in 1981.

Vach organized a concert in the Great Synagogue of Plzen to raise funds for restoration of the synagogue in 2000 and died shortly thereafter.

Vach was honored with the Punto Award at the IHS symposium in Detmold, Germany in 1986.

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