Writing this in mid-March, looking out of the window onto a snow-covered wilderness, it is hard to believe that we will ever get to Spring, let alone Summer – but with summer vacations now on the horizon as you read this, it is time to consider what to do and where to go at this time.


Many of you will be considering attending a horn symposium, especially exciting for the younger members of our horn-playing fraternity – hearing and meeting the people that up to this point might have been only seen and heard on YouTube or CDs. If the opportunities offered at many workshops for ensemble playing, competitions, mock auditions, master classes, lectures, recitals, and concerts are not enough, then there are also the exhibition halls, where young and old aspirants alike can try all kinds of makes of horn, check out all the horn paraphernalia – cases, mutes, gig bags, etc. – and of course browse through the sheet music displays, where everything imaginable ever written for the horn, in all its solo and ensemble guises is available for you to while away a couple hours should you need a break from all that playing.

This year the IHS is very excited about the upcoming International Horn Symposium in Memphis, Tennessee (July 29 – August 3) hosted by our very own webmaster, Dan Phillips. Take a look at ihs45.org and register as soon as possible so you can plan your itinerary around the Symposium dates. Check pages 85-86 of the February Horn Call for a roster of the featured artists.

Everyone knows of Memphis, Tennessee, of course – the name being synonymous with one of the greatest pop idols the world has ever seen, Elvis Presley, as well as Beale Street Blues, barbeque, and paddlewheel steamboats. But I bet not many of you have been there! I, for one, am looking forward to the experience immensely, not only attending what promises to be a superb Symposium but also to learn more of the place and the legend associated with “the King”!

The success of any symposium or workshop is directly associated with the delegates who attend, so please get your name down now, and come and be a part of what promises to be a great week!

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