It’s time once again to test your knowledge of all things horn! This month’s movie-soundtrack-themed questions come to us courtesy of Andrew Bain, no stranger to the art form himself. We will award three prizes from our fantastic IHS53 shop, randomly selected, to the winners. Please send your answers to by June 15. We will publish the names of the winners and the correct answers on our IHS social media outlets. Good luck!

  1. Where did John Williams record the scores to the final 3 Star Wars Movies?
    1. Studio One, Abbey Road Studios, London
    2. The Barbara Streisand Scoring Stage, Sony Pictures Studios, Los Angeles
    3. Smecky Music Studios, Prague
    4. The Newman Scoring Stage, Fox Studios, Los Angeles
    5. Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles
  2. What is the most prominent model of Horn used in the Hollywood Studios
    1. Geyer
    2. Conn 8D
    3. Alexander 103
    4. C.F. Schmidt
    5. Knopf
  3. Which 2 was the score of the new West Side Story movie recorded?
    1. London/Paris
    2. Nashville/Seattle
    3. Berlin/Prague
    4. New York/ Los Angeles
    5. San Juan/ New York
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