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04 Jan 2017 21:14 #1620 by David Lyons
Hans Rensen was created by David Lyons
I am considering purchasing a horn from Hans Rensen, who seems to list horns often in the Classified Section. As this would be an international transaction, I am interested in getting input from any members who may have knowledge of Mr. Rensen....Was your experience easy?..difficult?..,do you have experience with returning an instrument?...any other thoughts?
Dave Lyons
Albany, CA
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05 Jan 2017 23:18 #1621 by Chris Crawley
Replied by Chris Crawley on topic Hans Rensen
This is probably not very helpful, as I haven't had any dealings with Hans Rensen. At one point I did consider travelling from my home in the UK to the Brabant/Eindhoven area of the Netherlands, which is where he lives, to buy one of his horns, but never did so.

He has a LinkedIn profile which you can access: https://nl.linkedin.com/in/hans-rensen-3309854

My gut feeling is that he is a straightforward person, but I have no solid evidence.

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05 Jan 2017 23:41 #1622 by Jaron Kloap
Replied by Jaron Kloap on topic Hans Rensen
I purchased a Holton Descant from Hans. It was an easy purchase. I did not return the horn so not sure about that. His description of the horn was spot on. He packed the horn very securely.

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