Synergy Brass Quintet Summer Program

22 Feb 2009 10:27 #254 by Jonathan Hurrell
Synergy Brass Quintet Summer Program was created by Jonathan Hurrell
This summer, the Chamber Music Festival of San Miguel de Allende has created
the Synergy Brass Student program. This is an exciting new opportunity for
college-aged brass players and graduating high school seniors (ages 18 and
up). The Synergy Brass Quintet will be in residence for 18 days (July 30-August 17) , acting as
guest artists in the festival and brass faculty for this program. Twenty
students from the United States will have the opportunity to travel to San
Miguel and receive instruction from the members of SBQ as well as gaining
valuable experience preparing and performing chamber music. The cost for
students is far from prohibitive, in fact the fee includes tuition as well
as room and board yet still remains far below the fees associated with many
comparable summer festivals. For $2,000.00 US, students receive housing,
breakfast every day, complimentary transportation to and from Leon
International Airport, complimentary transportation to various performances
and entertainment opportunities, tickets to performances by chamber groups
such as Ying Quartet, Miami String Quartet, Quinteto de Alientos de Bellas
Artes, Ahn Trio, and Poulenc Trio, various guided tours of the city and
significant historical attractions in the area, and many other benefits.
For instruction, students receive fourteen coachings in various ensembles
and private instruction from the Synergy Brass Quintet, plus masterclasses
with visiting artists. They will prepare for multiple concerts, with the
potential opportunity to perform in joint concert with the Synergy Brass and
they'll receive complimentary tickets to all of the professional
performances going on during the festival.

This festival is a great value and presents students with a wealth of
experiences that will inspire growth in their lives musically and

Anyone interested in attending the Synergy Brass student program this summer
should contact:

Camie Sands, Festival Director


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Members of the Synergy Brass Quintet are also free to answer any questions
potential festival participants may have. Please forward all questions to
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call me anytime!


Jonathan Hurrell
Synergy Brass Quintet
co/Radian Arts Incorporated
PO Box 1136
Chestertown, MD 21620
cell: (617) 750-4774
fax: (617) 209-1728

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