Tapering and Horn playing - Your thoughts

06 Apr 2012 00:15 #565 by Eric Anderson
Tapering and Horn playing - Your thoughts was created by Eric Anderson
While reading an article on http://hornmatters.com/ Bruce Hembd mentions Tapering and refers to:

Should One Practice Very Much on the Day of a Concert?

I advocate for less rehearsal the day of or before concerts but didn't have any real evidence to back this up so this was a subject that I have been interested in researching. With Bruce's hint I have found several reference sites which go into more detail about tapering and how it affects our muscles.

Tapering: Science and Practice

Muscle glycogen and metabolic regulation

Our lips are a muscle as well as are the several other muscles that go into forming an embouchure. What I was interested in learning from you is what routine to you have before a heavy concert?

Do you practice religiously right up to the concert without missing a beat or do you slow your routine down a little bit to save something for the big blow?

And what about foods or drink intake. I was curious, if glycogen in the muscle tissue is of such importance to athletes endurance, why not musicians? My teacher taught me to drink apple juice before a concert a high carb product.

The Science of Carbohydrate Loading

I found or imagined perhaps that when I was losing weight due to dieting, I was less effective at playing. Could the carbs play an important role in maintaining the glycogen within our lip muscles?

Food for thought.


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