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Alexander 1106

31 Mar 2022 14:14 #1885 by Steve Ramey
Alexander 1106 was created by Steve Ramey
Anyone have any experience with the Alexander 1106 horn?  What are your observations?  

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01 Apr 2022 12:08 #1886 by Jay Kosta
Replied by Jay Kosta on topic Alexander 1106
I don't have experience with that horn (or any Alex models) but from the picture and description it looks like a slightly different tubing wrap from the 1103 model. It seems there's a lot of similar looking Geyer wrap horns popular now, and I wonder what might set it apart from the others. 
I imagine there would be a noticeable difference going to that type of Geyer wrap if you are currently playing a 'large bore' horn such as 8D or 668 (I play a 668N).
Is there something particular that you'd like that your current horn seems to lack?

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02 Apr 2022 18:51 #1887 by Steve Ramey
Replied by Steve Ramey on topic Alexander 1106
According to Alex, what sets it apart from other similar Geyer wrap horns and their 1103 is easing the radius of one of the bends in the tubing for the F side of the horn.

I currently play a Holton 190, also a Geyer wrap horn. I know only one other person who plays an Alex and it's a 101, with a traditional Alex wrap, so he can't tell me anything about the 1106.

I think I might like and lightness of the Alex, if it's lighter than the Holton, but there's no data online about its weight. I'd also like to know what the change in the wrap does for the horn as well as any other info on its playing characteristics, pro's and con's. That's why I posed the question.

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