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decent multi mvmvt quartets

10 Feb 2011 11:01 #432 by Erik Vigesaa
decent multi mvmvt quartets was created by Erik Vigesaa
hello out there
Any recommendations for decent quartets, multi mvmt if possible, suitable for undergraduates?

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12 Feb 2011 07:42 #433 by Tony Gonzalez
Replied by Tony Gonzalez on topic Re: decent multi mvmvt quartets
French Suite - Alfred Reed

Sonata for Four Horns - Paul Hindemith

Sonata for Four Horns - Carlos Chavez

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26 Feb 2011 22:50 #436 by Fiona Chisholm
Replied by Fiona Chisholm on topic Re:decent multi mvmvt quartets
5 Nouvelles Pour Quatre Cors-Jan Koetsier

It's super fun. Hope that helps.

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