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Higher Education

20 Jun 2011 20:08 #459 by Taylor Mills
Higher Education was created by Taylor Mills
I'm a junior in high school and am beginning my search for the right college. I would love to continue my work with the horn and wondered what schools are recommended by the hornist community. Your advice is greatly appreciated!

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24 Jun 2011 21:35 #462 by Jonathan Hurrell
Replied by Jonathan Hurrell on topic Re: Higher Education

There are 2 important things to consider:

Pick somebody that has done what you want to do, whether that's orchestra, solos, jazz, chamber music, music education, etc. Also many of them have cd's available so that's a good way to find whether you like their sound.

Go and meet the horn professors and take a lesson. Whomever teaches you the most in that first lesson is the winner. The reputation of the school doesn't matter as much as the individual lessons you will get.

A couple of other pieces of advice that you can choose to ignore, but these things are true:
Think about going to a college or university, not a conservatory for an undergraduate program. Just in case you change your mind about music (and many students do) you'll have a much easier transition to another major. Also think about getting a music education degree first, because you'll have much better odds of getting a job after college, and even if you do become a famous performer you'll spend most of the day teaching.

Good luck!

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24 Jun 2011 23:56 #463 by Taylor Mills
Replied by Taylor Mills on topic Re: Higher Education
Thanks! That's helpful advice.

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