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Hoyer 5802CK

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24 Sep 2007 05:44 #1 by IHS Online Manager
Hoyer 5802CK was created by IHS Online Manager
I've tried three Hans hoyer 5802CK horns recently and have been very impressed with them.

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31 Oct 2007 20:15 #2 by Eric Coriell
Replied by Eric Coriell on topic Re:Hoyer 5802CK
I recently had a lesson with Myron Bloom at IU and he let me borrow a Hans Hoyer. While i am impressed, for me some notes in the upper octave seem unstable, for lack of a better word. It could be just this particular instrument though. (for the life of me i cant think of the model name

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  • David Jewell
07 Nov 2007 15:05 #5 by David Jewell
Replied by David Jewell on topic Re:Hoyer 5802CK
A friend of mine was having the same problem with her new Hoyer last year. After she has Walter Lawson check it out and align the valves, her problem with a couple of high register notes evened out.

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10 Nov 2007 14:37 #6 by Dan Phillips
Replied by Dan Phillips on topic Re:Hoyer 5802CK

Myron Bloom at IU... let me borrow a Hans Hoyer

I would guess that it was a 7802, the \"Myron Bloom model.\" Very different than the 5802, which is a Geyer wrap instrument.

It surprises me to hear of basic assembly issues; one of the things that impressed me with the new Hoyers I've seen has been their consistency.

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22 Feb 2008 21:48 #37 by Martin Künkler
Replied by Martin Künkler on topic Re:Hoyer 5802CK
Since 17 Years I play the Horn (I changed from the Trumpet, what I had played 13 Years) and from the beginning I owned Hans Hoyer Horns. A lot of this Horns have a not so easy high Register but the Sound and the Intonation is always good. Ok, since I have changed to a Ricco Kuehn, the Differences between a Factory-Horn and a handcrafted Horn are big! But all the saxoinan Horns I have (W.Moennig, H.F.Knopf, B&S, Weltklang, Ricco Kuehn, Hans Hoyer, Friedbert Syhre) are very good and the Sound ist not so light as an Alexander. The old handcraftet Horns made by Hoyer himself (he died in 91 or 92) are much more better (I own a compensating and a Fulldouble) than all "Hoyer"-Factory-Horns made by the VMI-Company today! (VMI= Vogtlaendische Musikinstrumenten Fabrik = Vogtland Musicinstr. Factoy) In the last Years, the VMI started to create new Modells like the DK121/122 Knopf-Horn ("Geyer"-Style), whats the best Modell they make nowadays. For those Players, who prefer the Hollywood-Sound, two Modells in the Hoyer-Range are in offer: The 68012 and the 7801. Both Modells are the same Horn (Kruspe-Style without the little Bb-Tuningslide). But the 7000-Series has a "tempered" Bell, what makes the Sound more softly. One Problem of all Kruspe-Styled Horns: Its a "single" F-Horn with the Option to Bb in the high Register. Both Sides of those Horns are not as equal as on a Knpof-Styled Horn. Thats the Reason, why we in Germany dont prefer this Horns. The "Student"-Double Modell 801 ist a great Offer for Players, who have not the Money to by an expensive Double but like to have a really good Horn. Its a better Value than the Alex 503 or the Yamaha 567. The Intonation is good and all Registers are well.
The older Modells of VMI like the 4000-Fischbach-Series is different from the 5000-Series. All this Horns have the same Look (both are available as a Knopf- or a Kruspe-Style) but the 4000-Series has a wider Measure (Throat?), so the Sound ist more "Hollywood"-like. The 4000-Series ist not offered in the Companys present Catalouge, but I think, on special Request, they will make it. In Opposition to a Holton or Conn, the Kruspe-Styled Hoyers are more equal between F- and Bb-Side.

Please excuse my bad English!

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