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Hans Hoyer 801?

12 Nov 2014 16:47 #1480 by Reginald Winters
Hans Hoyer 801? was created by Reginald Winters

I am currently a sophmore in high school in the symphonic band (wind symphony, second highest band). I am playing on one of our nicest school horns, a Yamaha YHR 668N Fixed Bell. It has terrible intonation, I believe the lack of the Bb tuning slide may be an issue, and I believe I do not strive on this horn wrap. I've been looking for my own horn. I want a screwbell, and I think a Geyer wrap would work best for me personally. I have played on one before, and would love to own one. I am considering the Hans Hoyer Geyer Wrap 801 Screwball. Do you have an experience or opinions on that horn, or any other recommendations. I'm looking to play on a few at the Upgrade Your Sound on November 29th at the Round Rock location. I requested for them to have a Hans Hoyer 801 as well. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Thank You,
Reggie Winters

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