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Older Hans Hoyer Horns?

8 years 10 months ago #1524 by Andrew Lee
I'm currently a high school horn player, and I've been looking around the web for a horn since I may be able to buy one for myself. Around the web, I've seen a number of pre-92 Hans Hoyer horns that have caught my attention. How do the older Hans Hoyer "Meister" models compare to the newer models such as the 801 and the G10? How do the older models compare to other Kruspe wrap horns by brands such as Conn and Holton? I've also noticed that despite being vintage, pre-92 Hoyers are priced quite less than a modern used horn with a price range in the lower 2000s. What is the sound, intonation, feel and resistance like on the pre-92 Hans Hoyer horns? Would it be better to buy an old Hoyer to a used Kruspe made by Conn or Holton? Thanks.

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8 years 8 months ago #1529 by Jonathan Yoder
Greetings --
A wonderful teacher of mine a few years back in Illinois always pooh-poohed specific horn "brands" and even referred to his own slightly modified Yamaha as "Frankenhorn". My experience is that the player can "make" the horn, and even sometimes help "vice-versa". Go to conferences, dealers, etc. and play as many as you can. This may sound mystical, but you'll probably know the instrument when you play it. Took me almost 40 years to "find" mine, and I knew it was right when I first played it after trying 8-Ds, Yamahas, Kruspes (Cripes, what a low range!), etc. Chances are that you will, too. Best of luck.

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