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advice needed

11 Aug 2015 20:36 #1533 by Nancy Bello
advice needed was created by Nancy Bello
I have a Holton 379 that I've had for over 30 years now. It has served me well, but I think after all this time, I may be interested in getting another horn. Over the years, all my horn friends have all pretty much had the 8Ds. I have played them before as well as playing a Holton 179 and even a few others over the years. I do a lot of pit work and brass band. I've been told that my playing on the Holton doesn't cut through as well like an 8D can. But I love the darker sound of the Holton as well as the fact that I have smaller hands and the Holton just fits my hand better.

I know I need to play different ones to find, but I don't even know where to start looking as far as different ones to try. I live in South Jersey and don't have great stores to just go in and play different horns. So I need ideas of ones to look at.

So....smaller feel like a Holton but yet able to cut through for pit work and brass band work.


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19 May 2016 04:07 #1592 by Brian Atwood
Replied by Brian Atwood on topic advice needed
Hey Nancy, you would like to buy other one or would like to sell it? There are many different instruments and also on rent. If you want you can peep here once.

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19 May 2016 09:06 #1594 by David Lyons
Replied by David Lyons on topic advice needed
There are several good places to look for a horn online. For the price of shipping (both ways if you decide not to keep a horn), you can try a number of quality used horns.
First choice would be Pope Repair in Boston. Ken is very easy to talk to and his shipping charges are modest.

There is also Siegfried's Call in New York State...maybe you could make a weekend of it and drive up early Sat and try some horns...higher priced but very good quality merchandise...I think the NY players frequent this place

Finally, Houghton Horns in Texas also carries used professional instruments

Another option is having your bell flare cut. This would allow you to swap out your existing bell for one with different projection characteristics. I have 4 bell flares for my Paxman Triple and each one gives me a different sound option. For projection, a flare with a garland is a popular choice. If you go this route, you would have to choose which screw ring you would like to go with. Any of the three places I have listed can do this work for you...probably a few hundred bucks to do the cut and paste...bell flares are in the $500 - $1,500 range...most in the lower end of that range. One benefit to swapping out the bell is that you can sell a flare you don't like and recoup a lot of its original cost. My first step in this direction would be to Call Ken Pope in Boston...maybe speak with the main guys at the other 2 places also...I know that Dennis Houghton did the screw bell conversion on my horn at the request of the previous owner and it has given me a lot of sound options.

Good Luck,
Dave Lyons
Albany, CA

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19 May 2016 10:42 #1595 by Nancy Bello
Replied by Nancy Bello on topic advice needed
Thank you so much!!! That is an option I had not considered. Mainly I was just looking for recommendations on different top quality horns that isn't a Conn 8D which is all I ever heard when someone talked about what kind you should have.

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19 May 2016 11:16 #1596 by David Lyons
Replied by David Lyons on topic advice needed
If you get the basic American cut bell ring...I believe if fits Holton, Atkinson and Lawson, you could even try and 8D bell. BTW, years ago I had a Holton 281, kind of a poor man's Tuckwell ( paid $1500 new in about 1990...they are going used now for $3-5K) and I added a Lawson leadpipe and Lawson Ambronze bell...what a great horn...should never have sold it but I need the cash to trade up to a triple. I think Ken Pope has at least one Lawson ambronze bell for sale now....surely worth a try if you go for the cut bell conversion.

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