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Kalison Horns

22 Oct 2015 06:48 #1552 by Kelly Durham
Kalison Horns was created by Kelly Durham
I've heard of Kalison horns from Italy, but I can't find any pros that play them, and no one seems to have any opinion on them. Does anyone know anything about the Kalison A2000?

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24 Oct 2015 14:31 - 24 Oct 2015 14:33 #1553 by James Symington
Replied by James Symington on topic Kalison Horns
I lived in Milan for some years until 2004 and went to see Kalison on a few occasions back then. They went out of business a few years ago which was a great shame as they made a wide array of different horns and the Geyer-style A2000 was the best of them as I recall. To my knowledge only a handful of Italian professionals used them and Kalison's popularity was overshadowed by the fact that Alessio Allegrini (whom in my opinion is the most lyrical horn player around and the de facto Italian domestic superstar) plays a Paxman 20 and so many players in Italy tend to go for that - incidentally always yellow brass, fixed bell and unlacquered.

As for Kalison the best of their instruments really were good but they used to have an assortment of downmarket models that weren't. I suggested to them at the time they needed to cut most of their range but above all Kalison's problem was their marketing that for too long was utterly non-existent and so their horns were not getting the exposure they deserved. They did eventually get around to a bit of advertising as well as starting to show horns at events but it was all a bit half-hearted. They were maddening to visit too as they closed at lunchtimes, never opened late and were closed at weekends to boot.
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24 Oct 2015 17:47 #1554 by Kelly Durham
Replied by Kelly Durham on topic Kalison Horns
Thanks for the information!

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