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lacquer stripping

22 Jan 2016 22:11 #1575 by eric Pacheco
lacquer stripping was created by eric Pacheco
I have a used alexander and a good bit of the lacquer is off and I want to try to take all of it off, anyone ever tried this and have good results?

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24 Jan 2016 12:03 #1576 by Bruce Tubbs
Replied by Bruce Tubbs on topic lacquer stripping
You should be able to do this...First winter is not the time to do it unless you live in a climate warm enough to work out doors. Also the age of the horn may have some bearing on your success. If it is an older horn with old nitro cellulose (sp?) it will probably not be a problem, If it is a newer horn with an hardened epoxy lacquer it may be more of a problem.
Try this, take a small crook, #2 Bb or one of the tuning crooks and put it in a pan of boiling water and leave it for several minutes, remove, let cool and then with your thumb nail see if you can "Scrape" off any lacquer. The older lacquers may soften under this hot water method. If that doesn't work, do the same thing except put a couple of tablespoons of baking soda in the water. again boil cool and "scrape" with your thumb nail. If this method doesn't produce a softened lacquer, you may have the epoxy hardened lacquer. Then it is more of a problem. contact me at and we can chat further. Bruce Tubbs

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