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Which mute is right for me?

11 Apr 2016 21:28 #1585 by Ben Ryan
Which mute is right for me? was created by Ben Ryan
Hey all,

So I am in the market for a new horn mute. I recently acquired a Schmidt double horn and now I've realized that my cheap Humes and Berg straight mute doesn't cut it anymore. I want a mute that will pretty much last me a lifetime, which is the philosophy I had buying my Schmidt, so I'm looking at 3 mutes in particular. First, I need help deciding whether to buy a stop mute or a straight mute. On the one hand, I don't like my current straight mute and would like better sound but on the other, I probably play stopped more than I do with a straight mute so it would make sense to stick with my crappy straight mute and invest in a really nice stop mute. I also have a fascination with Woodstop mutes. I am a sucker for a pretty thing and the design of those really hits home. I'd probably buy a walnut straight mute or a Jarrah stop mute if I were to buy from them. I talked about it with my teacher and he said that while the Woodstops are good, they never really won him over and he recommended the Alexander stop mute, which is a comparable price to any Woodstop.

Basically I am here to gauge opinions of people with more experience than I so that I can make the right choice. Thanks to everyone in advance!


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