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Mouthpiece advice

11 Jun 2016 06:10 #1600 by Anthony Chiarito
Mouthpiece advice was created by Anthony Chiarito
I have been playing horn for 45 years, a longtime member of two superb regional orchestras (2nd horn). I believe I have developed what I think (based on online research) is embouchure dystonia, in my case, a slight trembling of the embouchure, especially at the beginning of notes, and most noticeable in the mid-register. Fortunately for me, a really good warmup seems to quiet the effects. So, I THINK I am managing pretty well! I play on a stock Holton-Farkas VDC mouthpiece, and have for a good many years. My question is: could (should) I "upgrade" to a mouthpiece that might lessen the effects? I know there are a myriad of different mouthpieces available, certain ones that are better for some things. I know it all comes down to personal preference, but I would be interested to try to find one (some) that might give me any "edge", or would be "better" than what I currently use. I realize this is a bit of rambling, sorry! Anyone out there with any advice? Thanks!

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