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Possible new horn.

14 Jun 2016 21:02 #1601 by David Lopez
Possible new horn. was created by David Lopez
I just wanted to ask for opinions on the Hans Hoyer G10 due to the fact that my good friend is selling his to me and I just wanted some opinions from fellow horn players.

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17 Nov 2016 08:31 #1614 by Chris Miertschin, Jr.
Replied by Chris Miertschin, Jr. on topic Possible new horn.
I've played a couple of G10's, and think they're decent horns. They're generally built pretty well, and play about how you would expect a Geyer-wrap to play. G10's are a solid start if you want to upgrade your horn later - one of my friends plays a G10 that he got converted by Wes Hatch and that horn is fantastic. I'd probably recommend looking into get at least a new leadpipe on it if you can.

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