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Student Teacher looking for Affordable Double Horn

21 Apr 2017 08:58 - 21 Apr 2017 12:38 #1638 by Chris Reid
Hi there,

I'm a music teacher/band director in training and took a class in Horn pedagogy so I know how to play. I really want a horn for myself to learn to play better as a modelling instrument for my students. I won't be playing any recitals or anything with it, but I don't want to shed money on something that won't play in tune and is going to fall apart.

That said, I'm on a REALLY short budget, as a student. So I'm looking at ebay and music stores for used instruments mostly. Lastly, I'm a really small guy and portability and storage/travel ease are really important to incentivize and make practicing possible amid my school schedule. Is there any chance I'm going to find something with a detachable bell?

I'm shooting for as far under $1200 USD as possible (Canadian here, and the exchange rate is really poor, if that helps with suggestions). Case/bag brand/model suggestions are also most welcome. Thank you for taking the time to read!

EDIT: My local music store carries the Jupiter 1150DL which I might be able to get financing options for. Is this instrument worthwhile?
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