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Is this horn legitimate?

15 Sep 2017 22:57 #1662 by Timothy Qualls
Is this horn legitimate? was created by Timothy Qualls
Hey, I was wondering if you think this horn is legitimate/a good buy. I have the chance to secure it for $1400.

Text from the ad is as follows:
This is a great horn that's about 10 years old. There is only one very small dent in this instrument that you can see in one of the photos. The lacquer was stripped off in an attempt to make a darker sound for personal taste and the middle key has a couple notches in it as seen in the photo. All of these things can easily be fixed and doesn't hurt the instrument or its sound. These horns are selling today for about $4000-4800. The price I am listing this instrument takes into account the fact that it is used and the minor cosmetic issues stated above. This also include the stand that is holding up the instrument in the photos!!
Email or TEXTS only. Thank you.

Price negotiable

Cash only

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