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Changing from trumpet to french horn...?

  • jack Robi
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02 Nov 2020 01:12 #1836 by jack Robi
Changing from trumpet to french horn...? was created by jack Robi
Ive been playing trumpet for about 5 years now, but ive decided i want to move onto a french horn in a couple of weeks, ill be the only person in my whole school to play it. Is it hard to play? Does it take alot of breath to play? Any advice and tips would be appreciated:).

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09 Jul 2021 07:37 #1862 by Jay Kosta
Replied by Jay Kosta on topic Changing from trumpet to french horn...?
I played French horn for many years and then switched to trumpet for several years, and am now again playing French horn (for about 2 months).
The transition from trumpet to horn was more difficult than I expected!  One problem is that the pitch of the seen 'written' notes for horn is a 4th lower than with trumpet - so it is easy to 'envision' the wrong pitch. Also, the harmonics are closer together for horn, so much more care is needed to envision the proper pitch and to 'set the embouchure' to play the pitch.
The first month was very difficult, and I spent most of my practice time in just slowly and deliberately playing very simple pieces, and learning how to produce the correct pitches.
Things are now getting much better, and I am finally feeling like I can actually 'play horn' again.

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