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Schilke vs. Holton Farkas Mouthpiece

25 Dec 2020 11:59 #1840 by Dr. Gary Sapp
Schilke vs. Holton Farkas Mouthpiece was created by Dr. Gary Sapp
I'm sure answering a mouthpiece (mpc) question must be pretty exhasperating at this point but I've searched and can't find specifically what I'm looking for. And It's a pretty simple question, though. And the question is . . . 

What are the differences between a Holton and a Schilke Farkas mpc?

As an asde, I'm a "comeback player". Used to use a Schilk Farkas, mainly. Played First Horn in college and in the service for two years. Even though I could hold my own, I don't really consider that I was a strong comparison to a good player at Northwestern, Manhattan and the like. Is here another mpc you would recommend as a "starter" mpc or is the Farkas fine to sontiue with?

Thanks, Gary

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