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Tone Blobs, Are they of any use?

19 Oct 2008 15:12 #186 by Evan James Young
Tone Blobs, Are they of any use? was created by Evan James Young
Hey everyone, I just wanted to see who here knows anything about "Tone Blobs" that are featured on and some other sites. Are they any good and do they really give you a nice, fatter sound? I know that it adds mass to the horn, but I want to know from someone here who's actually tried them. Please tell me anything you know about them. Thanks!

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30 Oct 2008 09:25 #191 by Martin Künkler
Replied by Martin Künkler on topic Re:Tone Blobs, Are they of any use?

"Tone blob" or "Heavy bottom caps" for trumpets, heavy mouthpieces or whatever - all those things are good, to fill up the moneyclip of its sellers. If You like to have a "fat" tone, think it, hear it in Your ears/brain bevor You attack it and play it. The best "tuningpart" of Your horn is sitting in front of its mouthpiece. YOU play the tone! The horn itself is a dead thing. It is nothing without You (with or without tone blob).

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05 Nov 2008 09:17 #198 by Scott Hawkinson
Replied by Scott Hawkinson on topic Re:Tone Blobs, Are they of any use?
Hi, Evan -
I have two toneblobs, one each fitting Alex and Paxman horns. When I put them on, it seemed at first that the tone was rounder and the notes slotted better. After a while, they seemed to create a drag on the responsiveness of the horn. Also, they seemed to keep the tone from brightening in loud playing which is contrary to my philosophy (as I've learned through experience).

I took them off and lived happily ever after (so far).

They are an interesting little science project even if they do prove, in the long run, gratuitous. Try to get one used if you decide to experiment.


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