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"Olds Ambassador"

01 Nov 2008 21:42 #193 by Martin Künkler
"Olds Ambassador" was created by Martin Künkler
Dear Friends,

on someone offers a single F-Horn made by "Olds Ambassador". It has string action, a wide bell and also the kind of tubing configuration let me think, that this horn is american made. Does anyone know this mark? I am a collector of single horns and I like to know more of this manufactor.

Thanks for Your help.


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05 Nov 2008 01:52 #196 by Kenneth G Pope
Replied by Kenneth G Pope on topic Re:"Olds Ambassador"
The Olds marque is a good name - though, I'm not certain that a single F horn by this maker is at all collectible. They are a well made good 'standard' beginning single horn.
The Olds company was started in the early 1900's (around 1925 I believe). Here's a good link:
Ken Pope

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