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Mouthpiece for Hoyer G10

13 Mar 2012 09:22 #556 by Lyn Banghart
Mouthpiece for Hoyer G10 was created by Lyn Banghart
Any suggestions for a good mouthpiece for the Hoyer G10? I'm looking at the Laskey 75 G E or the 75 F E. Is the European shank the way to go? I have only been playing for 4 years after 30 years as a professional flutist. (I'm playing at a college level and using a Laskey 75 F standard shank.) I would appreciate all opinions! (I don't want to mess with my leadpipe and will not be putting on a new leadpipe anytime too soon.) Thanks!

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  • Emily Barankovich
17 Mar 2012 01:13 #557 by Emily Barankovich
Replied by Emily Barankovich on topic Re: Mouthpiece for Hoyer G10
Hi there!

I play a Hoyer G10, myself! I am actually happy with the mouthpiece that came with it. It's the Josef Klier Exclusive W 2DM A1.
I was originally playing/trying out paxman chidell cups and rims, and the ones I have used did not seem to help with the projection of sound.
In my opinion, I feel like this mouthpiece is very comfortable, flexible in ALL ranges and it's very free blowing. It allows for a big powerful sound with great tone, too! Yay!

Give it a try! Otherwise, it would be best to search around and find the perfect mouthpiece that suits you. :-)

Here's a link with some more details:

I hope I helped you. Good luck!

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18 Mar 2012 14:22 #558 by Lyn Banghart
Replied by Lyn Banghart on topic Re: Mouthpiece for Hoyer G10
Thank you so much for your reply. I never even gave the mouthpiece it came with a chance. I just tried several Laskey mouthpieces and opted for the 75G. But I will go back and give the Josef Klier a try. Thanks, again. :)

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