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Is this a Walter Monnig?

11 years 9 months ago #604 by Suzanne Beautement
I have an old french horn. I've been told it's a Bb/F compensating double with an A/E/stopping valve -
very unusual in that the 5th valve has also the compensating loop so it also works on the F side of the horn.

I've looked and loads of pictures of other horns online to try and find one which looks similar and the closest match I could find is a Walter Monnig? I've attached those images as well for comparison they are the professional looking pictures, the join on the bell and the valve covers look the same.

I don't know very much about horns, I used to play this one in high school about 12 years ago and it's been in storage ever since. There is a sort of plaque on the side but no words.

I am going to sell it but I would like to know more about it to make sure it's valued correctly. Any opinions would be very much appreciated.

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8 years 4 months ago #1570 by John Apostolides
Hi Suzanne,
My name is John Apostolides. I am a horn student at the University of Central Florida. I was trying some research again on my horn and stumbled upon your post. The Walter monnig you are using as comparison is actually my exact horn. Those pictures are from the eBay post I purchased it from. I have found out a lot of information about my horn since buying it in 2012, around the time you posted this.
I would very much like to share any of this info about the horn with you if you are interested. I have other pictures of the horn I can show you as well. Its been a haste learning about my horn but I found some good info I think you might like to have. The resemblence between the two horns is remarkable.

John Apostolides

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8 years 4 months ago #1571 by David Lyons
Hi John,.

Your reply to Suzanne went to me, Dave Lyons. My email address is djl122743@sbcglobal.net. I am not involved in the Monnig topic. I have another post on a different topic. Perhaps you had better try contacting Suzanne again.


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