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I want to switch to french horn??

16 Sep 2012 11:57 #619 by Liz Egan
I want to switch to french horn?? was created by Liz Egan
Hi! I am new to the forum and not sure if this is the right place to post this, but ill introduce myself first.
My name is Liz. Im 13 and live in NYC. I play the trombone and the bassoon.
I am fairly good at trombone. I am in my local youth orchestra and study at the prestigious Juilliard school in the MAP program. i really love the trombone and it feels fairly natural to me.
yesterday, i went down to sam ash to play some instruments for fun.
I played an alto trombone, bass trombone, pocket french horn, pocket trumpet, french horn, and tuba.
I loved the alto trombone and french horn the most, almost better than my tenor trombone. i loved how the two were high, but not super high, but not super low either.
switching to alto trombone full time is just not possible.
when i played the french horn, it felt more natural to me. the mouthpiece, hand position, every thing!
of course i know its a hard instrument. i played a scale on a double Conn french horn. some people i thought i was a hornist, because of my tone.
my question is, should i make the full switch? my mom and i arent super rich, and she and my family have poured money into my trombone. but the horn felt more natural. im starting to think i made a mistake picking trombone?
or should i get a used horn on ebay or something to fool around with?

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22 Dec 2012 02:10 #663 by Daniel Löfblad
Replied by Daniel Löfblad on topic I want to switch to french horn??
Hi Liz! Im 17 years old and live in Sweden. I played trumpet for more than 4 years before my teacher (a hornist) convinced me to try the horn. A few months later I got my Alexander horn which I love. But what a opportunity you have (I hope im not replying t late though) to switch to the horn...! I know that horns are terribly expensive. So it is possible like you said to get a cheaper used one? Dooo it :)
hugs Daniel

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