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The Guide to Horn Ensemble Literature

15 years 5 months ago - 15 years 5 months ago #115 by Dr. Rebecca Boehm Shaffer
Looking for music for 5 or more horns?

What abilities does your group need to perform a particular work?

Find repertoire to fit your group's size, artistry, and audience.

The Guide to Horn Ensemble Repertoire by Rebecca Boehm Shaffer examines 272 selected compositions composed for ensembles of five or more horns compiled into one easy-to-use reference.

View performance criteria of 272 compositions grouped by number of horns in easy to read charts listing up to 17 different categories of performance criteria plus objective annotations on general style, form, extended techniques and other performance issues.

For more information, sample entries, and to order, visit www.TheHornGuide.com

Rebecca Boehm Shaffer
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