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International Music Score Library Project is back!

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11 Jul 2008 21:15 #138 by Ricardo Matosinhos
International Music Score Library Project is back! was created by Ricardo Matosinhos
On 30th june 2008 the International Music Score Library Project went back online:

For those who doest know this website, there you can find free music scores (public domain and creative commons)

Some publishers tried to close the website, but they fail to, because you cant find there any illegal music. The music is sent there by everyone, so you can today start sending there music. Then the music must have a review before it can be downloaded to avoid copyrighted material issues.

They have a list of music featuring horn

Let us all contribute to this website and help good music to not be forgoted, new music to be played, and make sheet music avaliable to everyone who wants to study the horn, even if they dont have plenty money to spend in lots of sheet music.

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