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Bozza En Foret Errata?

27 Dec 2021 11:33 #1879 by John Bell
Bozza En Foret Errata? was created by John Bell
Happy Holidays everyone! I have a student preparing Bozza's En Foret. We have discovered what I believe to be a printing issue (see attached) and I've heard different versions on YouTube recordings.

There is a treble clef printed in my student's copy one measure after rehearsal marking 17...but no change to a different clef prior! This solo was purchased just this past summer and is likely a version printed after 2000. I have an earlier version from the mid-1970's, but unfortunately I don't have access to it at the moment.

As mentioned, I've listened to several recordings on YouTube and there are differing interpretations of the note 3 measures before 17; some play as notated in the attachment, some play an octave lower. It would be nice to see the original manuscript or a published copy from the original plate(s). Any information you can share would be appreciated! 

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06 Jan 2022 04:15 #1881 by Jorge Montoya
Replied by Jorge Montoya on topic Bozza En Foret Errata?
hello, happy new year, so what happens in this place is that the A is the culmination of this semi-phrase and some colleagues who still can't play well in the low register choose to play an octave higher but it's originally a low A, I hope I helped.

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